Online Sales Services




The term remote real estate sales has gained particular popularity in today’s world. At this point, you will have a very comfortable flat with the transaction facilities provided by the Turkish Government.

Digital real estate sales exceeding 100 million liras to foreigners in Turkey are considered as the harbinger of the future.

Remote real estate sales steps are very easy to follow. You will not spend much effort as you get closer to buying a house step by step. No need to leave the house, change your slippers or put on your shoes. You will make a video call from your home and you will get the right product according to your wishes.

Here are 5 virtual steps you should take during online real estate sales:

Step 1: You will fill in the contact form requested on the websites and you will be in contact with our investment advisors. In line with your wishes, you will reach the right projects/real estates with guidance and advice by our professional and experienced teams.

Step 2: You will start visiting the projects/properties that have been decided via video conferencing. These visits will be made up-to-date with an appointment system.

Step 3: After the purchase decision, our legal department will contact you. We will follow all after-sales transactions such as opening a bank account, collecting documents (consulate and foreign ministry in your country), and you will have instant information.

Step 4: Remittance method is used for payment. If you will receive continuous information from our sales teams on this subject. With the power of attorney, our lawyers will have transferred the flat fee.

Step 5: After the deed processes are completed, your flat will be ready for use. All after-sales services will be provided by our teams.

So much!